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NAPslogo175.pngThe Naval Academy Primary School's mission is to promote the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of children from the Annapolis area. NAPS provides a structured and nurturing environment that identifies and responds to the unique needs of our students, many of whom will attend a number of schools, both in the United States and abroad, during their academic careers.

We employ faculty and staff, including military spouses and parents, who are skilled at supporting your child’s transition to our community. At NAPS, students can develop to their fullest potential, building a solid foundation for success in middle school, high school, and beyond.

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The Curriculum

NAPS offers all students the opportunity to grow intellectually while becoming more aware of the world around them, through a curriculum that includes the following: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music, French, Library, and Computer Skills. The NAPS curriculum is continuously under review as we strive to provide a strong elementary education for our children. Parent questions regarding the curriculum are always welcome.


Great Teachers

The NAPS faculty is a team of educated professionals who are enthusiastic about guiding students to become lifelong learners. We offer both a full-time reading specialist and special education teacher with assistants for students requiring additional academic support. Teachers provide opportunities for students to develop responsible citizenship and build self-esteem and leadership skills.

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We welcome parents and their beloved kids to join our team and start their learning with NAPS!


Low Student : Teacher Ratio

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Diversity in the Classroom

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